Saltwater Fishing Report: 7/3/17

There has been an influx of shad at the mouths of the Royal and Cousins, which is enough to put striper anglers over the edge.  Although there is plenty of surface activity, the results are small bumps on offerings interrupted by a foul hook that makes an angler think he has a pretty big fish.

There are still stripers in the rivers, but they are fewer and farther between.  The stripers seem to be pushing out to the islands as we move into summer patterns, which should result in the arrival of bigger fish shortly.

With the end of school, the fish and anglers have also moved out to the beaches and the result has been some nice fish caught on chunk mackerel. In the featured image, Ned Lane shows off a big striper caught on chunk mackerel.

Liam Ireland with a nice fish at Scarborough Beach


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