Hurricane Jose

For surfers, a small craft advisory is like putting slop out for pigs. Both are going to come running. As Tropical Storm Jose lingers offshore, swells have been hitting the East Coast and surfers are dusting off their wetsuits and heading out in search of big waves.


I couldn’t resist the opportunity, but what I found was a soupy mess of wind and chop. Rather than going home, I decided to try and catch a few rides with my kayak. The waves were thick and heavy, and made for a short, but sweet session.

With hurricane season in full effect and tropical storms moving up the East Coast, we are headed into the best part of the year for surfing. Be sure to check out Magic Seaweed and Higgins Beach Webcam for updates on swells.


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  1. Jeri Marjerison says:

    Love the intro to “Hurricane Jose”!

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