Littlejohn Preserve

2021 was the summer of the Littlejohn Preserve. A locally-known slice of paradise, the 23-acre preserve is the perfect place to explore the tide pools, go for a swim or run trail laps.

A film photo I captured of the view of Casco Bay from Littlejohn Preserve in the afternoon light of this summer.

This summer, I found myself making an almost daily commute from in-town Yarmouth to Littlejohn Island for a secluded beach day at the Preserve. The pockets of sandy beaches at low tide are mostly overlooked by people walking their dogs along the trials. The result is a private beach less than 10 miles from Portland.

Littlejohn Preserve is a special escape from the hustle of the world. Poking around the tidepools, you will be able to find some awesome little critters like fry, crabs, snails, and sometimes even STARFISH :). Beyond the tide pools, the trails also abound with a variety of animals.

On one occasion, I serendipitously decided to go for a quick walk around the Preserve. Preoccupied with loading a fresh roll of film into my camera while walking, I failed to notice the first rustle in the bushes. After the second rustle, I looked up, and found myself staring directly into the eyes of a deer.

After my photographer brain kicked in, I rushed to finish loading my film so I could get a killer picture. Well, maybe not a killer picture, but you know what I mean.

The whirring of the film loading spooked the deer and she hesitantly distanced himself from me. But regardless, she didn’t bolt and I snapped my photo.

My deer friend.

Beyond the tide pools and indifferent deer, Littlejohn Preserve offers a perfect spot for sunrises and casting for striped bass off the rocks. However, there is some bad news. There are only four parking spots so it is best to get there early.

Go check out Littlejohn Preserve. Who knows, maybe I’ll even see you there!


Special thanks to the islanders whose donations have made the Littlejohn Island Preserve possible and to the Royal River Conservation Trust for their stewardship of the Preserve. For more information, please go to the RRCT website.

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