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When deciding to open up my laptop to begin a new blog, my mind got to thinking…what have I been up to lately? Of course, I could mention the treacherous college applications or hours spent on homework, but as I pulled up my document to write, I instinctively queued up my music. And that’s when I realized; my activities throughout my day may be alluring to some, the constant music I play in the background is really what should be highlighted.

My go-to music. For anything. Hiking, writing essays, the soundtrack to a party–you name it. Allah-Las does it all. 

A band composed of four talented musicians, Allah-Las’ focus resides in creating music that feels natural to their native state–California. Groovy, surfer beats mixed with some jamming, lead me slightly reminiscent of the more instrumental parts of some of the Grateful Dead’s best hits. Now, I’m not comparing a band with less than a million monthly listeners to the icons that are The Dead, but there’s some correlation there. The energy, and the way Allah-Las’ music brings people together, are suggestive of the same community I observed my Dad, his buddies, and even some of my old-soul friends fit into.

Although I’m a Mainer, born and raised, something about the groovy Californian energy of Allah-Las entices me. It brings me joy, mellows my mood, and keeps me keen on adventure. Maybe that’s what comes with the curse of being an ocean lover, regardless of which coast.

I think of when I studied abroad in Costa Rica. An amazing experience, but at the very beginning, quite daunting. With no connections yet, dead silence, and a brand new speaker in hand, I queued up Allah-Las. Within minutes, conversation with those around me flowed with the same grace of sweet notes of the band. Everyone wanted to know who was playing. 

Allah-Las can be interpreted in many different ways. Those who are a fan of older music might listen closely for the old soul that comes with the beat, but those who are into newer, more upbeat music, can look out for the youthful tempo. Regardless of your taste in music, take a moment to queue up Allah-Las before your next big adventure. It might just be the soundtrack you’ve been waiting for.

Keep exploring,


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