As Mainers, we don’t always realize how easy we have it. Life in the Pine Tree State is very good indeed.

My name is Sam Marjerison and I am a student filmmaker in Yarmouth. I also happen to be addicted to the outdoor lifestyle. There are worse addictions.

From whitewater kayaking the best rivers on the East Coast to fishing local waters, I spend as much time as possible outside. Luckily, there are plenty of spots for adventures.


In 2015, I started Dirigo Media to highlight my film and photo work and as a platform to provide services to the local community. This website is intended to be an on-line magazine to highlight the best that Maine has to offer from fishing smallmouth on the Androscoggin to the whitewater runs on the Penobscot. I will also be providing links for the best local outfitters and equipment reviews.

If you are wondering about the name Dirigo, you clearly are not from Maine. In Latin, Dirigo means “I lead” and is our state motto. It just seems to fit.

See you outside.

Sam Marjerison