Criehaven Island Clean-up

When Luke’s Lobster teams up with United by Blue for an island clean-up, you know it is not going to be a picnic cruise to a local isle. At Tenant’s Harbor, you get the real deal.

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot of the island clean-up and the trip did not disappoint. Instead of a short jaunt, we headed out to Criehaven Island, which is 20 miles offshore and the last stop before Ireland.


On Criehaven, volunteers from Tenant’s Harbor quickly filled a large, off-shore lobster boat with a variety of staved-in fishing gear and flotsam that had accumulated over the years. Mission accomplished.


Back in Tenant’s Harbor, everyone was treated to a lobster feed at Luke’s Restaurant on Miller’s Wharf.  Luke’s Restaurant is a great spot for anyone looking for a real Maine experience. Good times and good work by everyone in Tenant’s Harbor.


Luke’s Lobster is dedicated to supporting and giving back to Maine communities. To support the fishermen’s cooperative at Miller’s Wharf, one of the few remaining locally-owned wharves left in Maine, Luke’s Lobster has committed to buying all of the lobster landed at the wharf to supply its restaurants across the country. For more information regarding this unique relationship, please click on this Portland Press Herald article.

United by Blue is a NYC clothing company committed to environmental sustainability. As part of that commitment, United by Blue is on a mission to pick up a pound of trash for every product sold and has picked up over 1 million pounds of trash since its founding.

For more photos click here


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