Saltwater Fishing Report: 7/31/17

The stripers are in their typical summer pattern around island ledges and off the beaches.  The fishing has been great and white bucktail jigs with rubber paddle tails have consistently been the most consistently lure.

The use of bucktail controls the sink rate of the jig and adding some white side feathers and flash gives the jig a bit more action and life.  The jig can be modified by adding more or less bucktail or by tying in additional flash or some color, such as a bit of chartreuse bucktail.  Squid are stripers’ favorite meal and these jigs seem to fit the bill even though they do not look exactly like a squid.

The Tackle Shop in Portland has plenty of these bucktail jigs in stock, but they are also very easy to tie.  You will just need a jig head, white bucktail, white side feathers, and bit of flash.


First, tie in bucktail on the top and bottom of the jig head, and then add side or body feathers and flash along each side of the hook.  White sparkle nail polish as head cement adds some additional flash.  Finally, slide the rubber paddle tail up the hook and add a bit of superglue to the shank to keep the paddle tail in place.  I do not tie in the paddle tail with thread, but just use a dab of super glue to make it easier to slide on a new one if it is damaged.



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